Saturday, March 17, 2007

Check it out!

I actually made my own web page,! I still have a few bugs to work out, but it is up and running. I only have one audio that works right now, but I am going to make new recordings and put them up soon! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.


Friday, January 26, 2007

What more could there be?

So far, 2007 has brought great things to me and it is only January! Alex and I are very settled in NY, I have a great temp job in the Global Makeup Marketing Dept. of Estee Lauder, and all of my loved ones are happy and healthy. I am getting ready to go back to my favorite place for the summer, Pine Mountain Music Festival, and do Dinah in 'Trouble in Tahiti' (this will be a blast) and Paquette in 'Candide.' All seems normal in my neck of the woods until last weekend.
There are things in life that I almost expect to happen. I am surprised sometimes, but usually things go by like clock work. I decided to apply and sing for the Met Competition b/c it is what you do as a singer. You hope that even though you are 27, and in Met world old and washed up, someone will remember you or not totally hate your singing. I missed the "young" boat long ago when I thought 22 and 23 was too young to do the Met...hahaha! I waited until I was 26 to try it out. The first go around did not surprise me...lots of politics, a multi-cracking tenor goes on, and some liked me and some didn't. So, when this year came along I thought, well, I should just do the damn thing until I am 30, and to make it more worth my while, I will go to Orlando to visit my sister and new nephew with a tax write off included. So, the day arrives, I go in and sing/perform like any other audition except it is so much better to have an audience to play to. When I finished, my sister and I went to get some frozen Italian ice which turned my teeth, tongue and lips bright red, but was sooo good. Then we hung out in the lobby until all the singers were done. I heard some of the singers and really thought they were very talented. The judge deliberated and I sat and talked to my sister and friends from the past, to keep the upcoming events off of my mind. I had been here many times...hoping for something that didn't turn out the way I had hoped. Maybe I could get an encouragement award or honorable mention (which I didn't know existed until the Florida District). I would be completely satisfied with either recognition...I mean it would be a step up from, well, nothing! So, here came the judges. My heart starts pounding. Leslie and I look at each other and think, here we go...let's get the encouragement award. The judges explain how there is an extra encouragement award today b/c one donor in the audience provided it for the singer. Oh goodie! Maybe I will get one now! So they start. First, encouragement...not me, second...not me, third...not me! Damn, I missed that opportunity. Okay, there are still the honorable mention awards. First one...not me! Second...not me again! Well hell, I am going home without anything again! Leslie and I are look at eachother and my heart is really pounding now. The judges are ready to read the winners. Oh crap, here it comes, my let down...and the first winner of the Florida District MONC is....LINDSEY FALDUTO...WHAT?! HOLY CRAP! My sister and I look at eachother with amazement...ME?! I walk to the stage to get the envelope and feel the tears coming to my eyes. That's right, I wept a little. I felt just like Miss America for my walk up to the stage. I was so shocked they called my name. The whole time I stood up there and thought, this doesn't happen to me. To other yes, but to me, no way! But, it did, and I am so pumped to go on to Atlanta next month. It doesn't matter if I go on to the finals in NY b/c I am so happy with the goal I have met and exceeded. Don't get me wrong, going on would be amazing and even more shocking than this round, but not going on will never belittle what I have accomplished thus far. Life is so crazy. Just when you think it is going to go along like you always expected, God throws something at you that you never expected. I can't wait to see what is next!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Well, not really. Can we discuss for one minute the fooking weather in NY! Ya know, I didn’t move here to live in the same climate as Dallas! I could use some snow and cold weather right about now. I am not feeling any of the holiday normalcies. I don’t ever get to hear any Christmas music b/c I don’t drive any more, thus no radio, and I left all my holiday CD’s in Dallas. Alex and I are not going to see any of our families for the first time in our lives on Christmas. And our version of tree is a little but totally cute, 2 footer that my mom sent us all decked out with lights, ornaments, garland and a star. I totally love the little guy, but it doesn’t beat my parents big ol’ beautiful at their house. Alex and I are going to make the best out of this Christmas by going to our friend Donald’s house in MA. Being in New England for Christmas will be so cool. I can’t wait to see all the lights, drink hot chocolate and hopefully have snow! He also has a big, beautiful tree to make it more like home.

So, I haven’t written in a while and a lot has happened in my life throughout Nov. and Dec. So, Barber went so well. I was so pleased with my singing and performing. The audience loved the show and laughed at everything! That is what makes me do all these auditions every year…in hopes that I can make someone laugh again from the stage. One of the most exciting things of the month was that I became an Auntie again! My sister had her first child on Nov. 17th. My new nephew’s name is August Paul Shipley. He was 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long! The birth was normal and Leslie did a great job getting him out. So, we didn’t get to go home for Thanksgiving either, but Donald had us over for a great couple days. We did the whole dinner…mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, gravy, corn, rolls, pearl onions, pumpkin pie, pumpkin squares, and of course the turkey. So, here is my funny story about Thanksgiving. Y’all know I always have funny stories. Okay, so we get to Donald’s at around 6 Tues. night of that week. We had tried so hard to buy everything ahead of time, but of course, we still had to go to the store. So, we go and buy all the things that are remaining and bring them home. I do other things when we get home and assume the boys have put the groceries away. Well, never assume anything, right. After being home about an hour, I go into the kitchen and see the groceries still sitting on the counter, so I start to put them away. When I finish, I look over at the stove and see this giant round thing sitting in groceries bags on top of it. I automatically freak and think, Oh my Gosh, is that the Turkey! I pick it up and feel if it is cold…um…not so much! Then I calmly carry it into the living room and say, “Donald is this the turkey?” To which he replies, ‘yeah.’ Inside I am dying and freaking, but I am staying calm outside. ‘Okay, how long has it been sitting there?” D: “Well, all day.” L: Inside, Holy Crap, ALL DAY! Outside calm: “who told you to defrost it on the counter?” D: ‘The guy at the store.’ L: “okay.” So I go back into the kitchen freaking and thinking we can not eat this turkey…we will all get sick! I decide to check on the internet to see if any sites think this is a good way to thaw a turkey. Calmly and quietly I go back into the living and start Googling “Thawing a turkey.” Many sights pop up and all of them say there are three safe ways to thaw a turkey…1 in the fridge 2 in cold water 3 in the microwave, and all of them said NEVER, NEVER, EVER THAW A TURKEY ON THE COUNTER AT ROOM TEMPERATURE! Well, I am dying and freaking inside b/c I have severe food phobias and I knew Donald spent a lot of money on this turkey. So calmly I asked again, “who told you to thaw the turkey on the counter? Was it the butcher?” D; ‘yeah, well no, it was the guy putting the turkeys out to buy’ L; inner dialogue, ‘What?! You had the guy who gets paid minimum wage tell you how to thaw a turkey! L: outer dialogue, losing my cool: “Okay, well I have looked on like 9 websites and none of them say it is okay to thaw a turkey on the counter. I mean y’all can eat it but I will just have the sides.” D: “no, I want you to have turkey. Let me call my friend Philip who is a chef.’ So, Donald calls his friend and says, ‘So I bought a frozen turkey and thawed it on the counter’ P: over the phone, very loudly, NO NO! HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN THERE? D: “Well, since last night.” P: NO,NO, OH GOD NO! DONALD REPEAT AFTER ME…NEVER, NEVER, NEVER THAW A TURKEY ON THE COUNTER….ALWAYS, ALWAYS THAW IN THE FRIDGE!” Well, by this time we are laughing so hard and decide at 11:00 at night to go to the store and buy another turkey. The entire ride there, Donald and I are laughing so hard I am crying b/c of the situation and in particular me walking in holding the bird saying calmly and inquisitively, ‘Donald is this the turkey?” We found a great 10.5 lb bird without any possibility of giving us salmonella poisoning. We thawed it in the fridge until Thursday and had a yummy, diarrhea free Thanksgiving!

So, the rest of Nov. and beginning of Dec. had been the usual and painful auditioning process. We don’t need to talk about that. We all know how it goes.

Last week, I had a great opportunity to sing new songs written by my friend Scott Parry. He composed a song cycle for 4 voices and asked me to do the mezzo! I was so thrilled he did b/c the poetry was Dorothy Parker for my solo songs (love her) and the music is opera and musical theater mixed in one. Y’all know how I like singing me some MT. The songs are composed in such a way that the text is really portrayed, and the audience really loved them. I also really loved the journey my character takes from the duet and the through each solo song. The quartets are so cool too. They build off of each voice and give the poetry a more neutral feel, like each one of us makes one whole person. I also got to meet 3 other great singers/people in the process, and the hilarious and talented Gerald (Jerry) Steichen. I was really pleased I could bring Scott’s songs and ensembles to life.

But in other news, starting this week, I have been working at Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. That’s right y’all, and not as some sales girl at the mall. I am in the Global Makeup and Marketing Dept. I mean is there anything more perfect for me?! Not only b/c it is makeup, but b/c I wear Estee Lauder. The pay is the most I have ever made for a temp job and the work is cool. I actually get to use my brain and computer skills. I will be here until the end of Jan.! Here is what is even cooler. I had been here for only three days when this woman comes into the office and says, Merry Christmas, and hands me a large red box. Well, I know it is for the girl who shares my office and not me. So, I put it on her desk, reluctantly, b/c I know what it is. It is their huge bonus gift they do every Christmas. My Dad got me one last year. When you buy a perfume the whole things is only $45 and it has like $300 worth of makeup in it! So, of course, I was trying to find some way in my head to get one, but gave up b/c I had only been here for 3 days. Then on Thurs., I come into my office and can’t believe my eyes. There is a big red box on my desk! I quickly look at the girl’s desk behind me to see if she still has her gift, and she does! I am ecstatic! This is for me!? Well, I had to find out who was so nice to get me one. It turned out that one of the French men who works in the office thought it was tacky that I didn’t get what everyone else got, so he gave me his! He also said he didn’t need it b/c it is makeup, so, Voila, it is mine! I am so excited with it. It is this beautiful red leather makeup travel case, ya know, like the ones ladies used to carry all the time. Really hard and strong for the plane. Inside there is a smaller makeup bag that matches the other one, and then all these goodies…an entire set to new brushes, a compact with 12 eye shadows, a compact with 1 bronzer, 1 translucent powder and 2 blushes, not 1, not 2 not 3 but 4 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses, an eyeliner, a lip liner and a mascara! All for FREE! Holy crap I’m happy! Then yesterday, the same nice French guy gave everyone in the office a candle from Bergdorf Goodman for Christmas! I have never gotten anything form there! In fact, I don’t know if I even spelt it correctly! This place rocks! I couldn’t have asked for a better temp job! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Hopefully, I will have more stories to share about the upcoming Holidays. Ciao!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I think I'm getting it and don't be put off by my 'name'

So, I haven't really blogged on this site b/c I couldn't quite figure out how to get it to look cool. Well, I finally found the templates, so I am getting something right. I have decided to copy/paste my old blogs from myspace b/c I know some people on this want to read my "Not always deep thoughts," but they hate myspace. Please enjoy! Also, if you don't know me but come across my blog, please don't be discourage by the 'diva' part of divafal. It is pure irony b/c I am so far from being a diva. Yes, I sing opera, but it is not what makes me, me, and I am far from the stereotype. I am always a team player and love to make people laugh. I hope my blogs reflect my humor. Someday, I will figure out how to put up some pics of me and my family. Thanks for reading.

Myspace blog, Nov. 3: Hell has frozen over!

Well, I have experienced the unthinkable. I have waited patiently and without expectation, and it has finally happened. I have broken the audition curse of 2003! Two houses who would not give me an audition for the past two years have either forgotten who I am or have just decided they are interested in hearing me again after sometime. That's right folks! I have auditions with Florida Grand (amazing) and Central City! I can't believe it. After the worst audition of my career, FGO 2003, I never expected to sing for them ever again, but b/c Glimmerglass is on board with them now, there is no escaping the Fal. Central City and I were on good terms for two audition seasons, but then they were angered when I decide to sing my Italian aria instead of my French for their year of French faire. Thus, I was not getting any love from them either. Until now! The little devils in Hell are wearing sweaters and gloves b/c of the Fal. I hope my miracle has helped other singers out there who have been shuned by these and other companies in the past. May we all be given a second chance! Ciao!

Myspace blog, Oct. 29: Please pass the potatoes...

So, I can't believe how long it has been since I've written a blog! Well, I have been in Boise, ID for two weeks now doing Rosina in Barbiere with Opera Idaho, and it has been a blast! I have to say, there is nothing quite like getting to do a role I have already done before, again. I don't have to learn the entire role and pay tonz of money for someone to play other people's recits. with me. I just get to review some things, show up and sing. I also get to add new dramatic and vocal choices b/c I feel so comfortable with how the show is going to evolve. The cast is great. All of us, but one principle have all done the show before (no one would have known this if he hadn't told us), so we could have opened the show this weekend without a hitch! We're all getting along beautifully and have great chemistry throughout the show. Today is my day off, and tomorrow starts dress week. I love my costumes. They were rented from Utah Opera, so I don't have enough cleavage for Act I, in my opinion, but they fit perfectly and we are going to try and get some more cleave out of my Act I costume if it kills us. Honestly, though, I think the best part of my job is meeting really cool people and laughing all the time. I mean, it helps that this is a comedy...if I died, I don't think we would laugh as much in rehearsal as we do with this show. We have such a great time hanging out, going bowling, and watching our favorite TV shows. I am always so greatful for my singing gigs when I have been stuck behind a desk for a period of time. Getting paid for this kind of work is so amazing. Where else in America does a job start at 2:00 in the afternoon? Or, do you get an extra day off b/c it is so ready that the director doesn't want to over rehearse? However, on the opposite side, I hate having to leave all the cool people I have just met. You rarely get to hang out for longer than the contract, and if you like them, that kind of sucks. I just always think our paths will cross again in the future. We all know how small the opera world is...very small. :) Well, I have to run to a dinner party. Talk to y'all later. I can't wait for the performance! Buona sera!

Myspace blog, Sept. 13: Another day, another...

So, have you ever felt so bored that you just want to scream and run around an office like a crazy woman? Well, that is how I feel right now! I am still working at my favorite tabloid mag, Star. I know, I said it was only a 2 week assignment. See, this is what happens to me. I go on a job, they think I am the usual uneducated moron…then wow they find out I can read/write and they offer me the job. Well, I turned it down. I know what y'all are thinking, why would she turn down a full time job. Simply b/c I don't feel like being someone's assistant and then leaving for my gig on Nov. 4, leaving a lot for auditions, and not really wanting to be responsible for their crap in between. Don't get me wrong, turning down a salary and health insurance is not an easy thing to do, but there will be other jobs to probably turn down in the future. So, they are basically taking their sweet time hiring someone to do the job they have pretty much trained me to do. The money is great for me so I won't complain. But, I am getting tired of being in the same place. One thing I love about temping is getting sick of one place and moving to another. You get to act useless at every new job you get. I love saying, I don't know how…I am only a temp. Well, I don't really say that, but they just assume I am a moron and give me nothing. When you stay in a place this long, you have to do things. Then they realize you can do a lot more, so they train you to do everything for them. I will say, however, being an Admin. Asst. is so much better than receptionist. I can go to lunch whenever I want, do things on the computer, without anyone knowing, a la writing this blog, whenever I want, and go the bathroom w/o having to call someone to take over the phone. It is quite humiliating to call someone every time you have to pee, and then I wonder if I am taking too long and they think I am doing something besides peeing. I know, who thinks like this, well, me. My first week here I got all these free tabloid mags to read like In Touch, Us weekly, OK, People, TV Guide, Life and Style and of course, STAR! Well, then they realized I was a temp, so the trash mag competitors don't come to my desk any more. But, I still get as many Stars as I want. I can read issues going all the way back to Jan. 2005. They are just sitting there at my disposal. So, if I want to know how Nick and Jessica's marriage broke up…I can read the entire journey from start to finish. Well, I have to pee, and the only people I have to tell are y'all. Ciao!

Myspace blog, Aug. 31: Finally home...

So, I havent blogged in a while b/c my life has been turned upside down from moving to NY. I have officially been living her for almost two weeks, and I feel really comfortable with my new address. Alex and I had the most traumatic time moving into our apartment b/c of so many reasons. I was driving to NY from my friend Donalds house in MA while Alex was driving from IN to meet me at our apartment. Donald was following me, so he could help us move in and then leave a few days later. Well, some dumb piece of crap in the lane next to me decided to drive on the highway holding a mattress on top of his SUV with his hands. Of course he couldnt hold it, so it flew and hit my windshield. The mattress left my windshield bashed in, our roof dented and our luggage rack barely hanging on. Sylvie and I were fine, but the car wasnt drivable. I never got a plate from the guys car b/c he decided to pick up him mattress and drive on. Thats right, I had a hit and run with a mattress! We left the car in MA and Donald and I drove on to NY. We finally got to Astoria around 8:30 at night and met Alex. He however, had to go back to the toll bridge and give them money b/c he ran out of cash b/c of how expensive truck tolls are compared to car. When he got back, he went to the wrong bridge and got stuck in a cars only lane. Well, Alex was so pissed, he stared yelling profanity and the men responded by taking his keys b/c they thought he was suicidal! So, there is Alex on some bridge going to Manhattan in a Uhaul, stranded b/c they think he is going to drive off the bridge and kill himself. Luckily, they didnt believe he would actually do it and let him go. So at about 10:00 at night, Alex, Donald and I are just trying to get my mattress (ah the irony) into my apartment so we can sleep. Oh, did I mention I live on the 4th floor of a walk up. Thats right. We moved all our crap up 4 flights of stairs on that Monday. Thankfully, we had Donald there to help us. He and Alex did all the hard stuff and I am so thankful for his help. After everything was finally in the apartment, things started to look up. We slow but surely found places for all of our things and even threw a few things away. Sylvie has adjusted beautifully to the new surroundings. She hardly barks and even poops on the concrete like an urban dog! I interviewed with a temp agency and they sent me out the next day for a 2 week assignment! The best part is that I am working at Star Magazine. Thats right; the trashy magazine that always has Brad and Angelina or Jessica and Nick on the cover. In fact, I am there right now writing this blog. We love our apartment and neighborhood so much. It really does feel like home. Who knew I would like NY so much.

Myspace blog, Aug. 17: Well here we go...

Our adventure has begun without too much of a hitch. Alex and I drove 30hrs. to Worcester, MA to drop off our dog and start our apartment search. After 3 days and many interesting apartments we finally found the one we love in Astoria, NY! There are some scary neighborhoods and aparments around NY. I can't believe a crack house apartment can go for $1100 a month in Astoria! It was one of the first apartments we saw, and I was soooo depressed after thinking that was what my money would have to go to. Luckily, later that day, we found our cute, charming apartment in the middle of many Greek people, shops and restaurants. Y'all know how much I love Greek food! It has beautiful wood floors, original molding, a swinging door from the kitchen to the living room and plenty of room. Alex is on his way to get our stuff out of storage, and we will be moving in next week. We are so excited to have our own place again and to be seeing our stuff again. It will be like Christmas! I can't wait to see what comes next in our adventure!

Myspace blog, July 28: Well, it's official...

I have lived 3 days of my life now in my late twenties. That 's right, I can no longer say I am in my mid twenties. Why is it when we get older, our birthdays become less eventful until we hit years like 40,50,60...? I had to temp on my b-day but did get to have a nice dinner with my parents and sister. Still, there were no candles on my cake or sung Happy Birthday, so it felt like I was eating cake on any other day. Thus, the calories didn't feel worth it to me. That pun intended. I don't expect a huge party every year, but a simple sugar mound with a waxy flame would feel good, ya know. I have figured out that my 30th birthday will fall on a Saturday, so I am having some sort of celebration. Even if it is just me, Alex and my dog, I will have candles, damn it! Okay, enough complaining. Oh, and thank you to the people who wrote me a little Happy Birthday. As for the others, no big deal...I never remember people's B-day's.
I have to say 26 was a great year for me as a person and singer. I got the hell out of Bloomington, yeah, but moved into my parents house, kind of yeah. I finally became a temping/professional singer. No more school b/c I officially got my masters after giving the long awaited recital and taking the joke of a masters comp. test. I did my first gig with my husband, YEAH. Went to NY for auditions and got to stay with Jackie for 3 weeks. Did one of my dream roles, Rosina, and acutally got paid for it! Felt the ugly side of this business from a company I will not mention. Got to go to Florida on vacation to visit my sister and Alex's grandparents. Found out Alex got into Juilliard, so it is bye, bye parents, YEAH, and hello NYC. Left for Pine Mountain Music Festival. While there I, skinny dipped too much, drank my first martini, kind of enjoyed a beer, realized wine makes me a depressed alcoholic, stayed up past 1 pm every night, went to the beach almost everyday, sang a shit load of Karaoke, performed great shows, laughed so much I cried and burned major calories, did Yoga, and made some of the best friends I hope to have for a long time in my life. Basically, this year, I lived my life!
I can't wait to see what 27 bring!

Myspace blog, July 20: Back in the saddle again...

Well, I am back in good ole Tejas trying to not die of a heat stroke. I swear y'all, no one should live where the heat index is like 115 degrees! I was so sad to leave all my PMMF friends. We have already planned a reunion for Dec., so I won't get too choked up about leaving them. I really miss the UP of MI. I think I could honestly have a home there during the summers and then a different one for the winters. I will go back there some how to show Alex everything I love about it.
The end of the festival was a huge success for the ROA's. Everyone loved "Flute", and I really enjoyed doing that show with my peeps. I am trying to put some of the pics on my space, but I have to make them smaller first.
I was so excited to see my husband when I went to the baggage claim. I am always amazed at the strength we have to be away from each other for so long b/c of this business. I love how everything is kind of new when we come home again. Seeing my dog again was so great too. She is so precious and always excited to see mommy when she gets home.
I am going to start temping next week when I get back to Dallas. Right now, I am in Austin with him to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. We have had such a great time, and I really don't want to go back to reality quite yet. On Aug. 10th we are saying adios to Tejas and hello to NY. I can't believe I am moving to NY. This is going to be the biggest adventure of my life, so far. I can't wait to see all my Bloomington peeps again. I don't kwow where we are going to live yet, but when we have our place, I will give y'all a call.

Myspace Blog, July 15: Time flies

So, I am sitting in my dorm room searching the internet and now blogging b/c I don't want to start packing to go home. I can't believe 7 weeks have already flown by so quickly. I wish I could bring all the people I love from here to my place of residence, so we don't have to stop hanging out. I have had such a great time with all these people, and the program was not only a learning experience, it was a blast! The stories and life experiences I have taken away from here can not be replaced. I love the idea of being old and telling my grandkids about the summer I spent in the UP of MI. How I had my first martini, sang Karaoke, actually drank a beer (yuck), went skinny dipping too many times at night in Lake Superior, and laughed until I had to force myself to go to bed before the sun can up. I really think life is precious and we shouldn't pass up opportunties to have a good time if they are safe and don't compromise who we are as people.
Even though, I want to take all these people back to the "real world" with me, I feel like it wouldn't be the same when you have "real" worries and "real" life going on. There are no more shows to stage and rehearse, no more steady pay checks for singing, and no more amazing and mystical MI. However, there is also a part of me that can't wait to share my "real" life with people b/c they missed out on the biggest part of all, my husband. I know the people I keep in contact with will love him and he will love them. One of the ROA's is moving to NY around the same time as we are, and we have already discussed hanging out together. I hope the other ROA's give me a ring when they are in NY so we can get together and laugh about the summer laughter.
Okay, enough sad thoughts...I have to pack.

Myspace Blog, July 7: Just a little hello

I just wanted to write a little hello b/c I haven't really communicated in a while. Things have been going so well at PMMF. I have had such a blast with all the other ROA's. I can't believe my summer job ends in 10 days! The end of jobs is always bitter sweet b/c I can't wait to get home to my husband and dog but I hate leaving my work. This summer has really given me some amazing memories and relationships. I am so excited for Flute to open on Monday. We have been working hard to get it ready and I think it is going to be a great show. Well, that is all for now. Happiness to all.

Myspace blog, June 30th: Has it really been...?

I can't believe it has really already happened. It feels like only yesterday that I had a crush on this hot, blond boy who didn't even notice me. Then one day, at a Plano Senior High football game, in 8th grade (1992), that all changed. I became his girlfriend for 9 years, his fiance for a year and a half, and now as of today, I am his wife for 5 years. I can't believe how quickly time flies by when you are having fun. I wouldn't trade any of our moments together for anything, good or bad. He is my best friend and still makes me laugh and smile everyday. I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary!

Myspace blog, June 18: I did what again?...

So, life is going really well in the ole UP of MI. We have successfully finished our 3 opera scenes concert, and are now rehearsing nonstop for the cabaret concerts coming up next week. I really think the cabaret is going to be great. It is so intimate, and I love the music they gave me, and wow is there a ton of it. Today was our day off and we had a blast at the beach. The weather was gorgeous, and being outside all day was such a gift. It was a perfect beach day, sunny, slightly windy, and in the 80s. The water was even nice. Nate and I had a blast hitting the volley ball back and forth until we could finally do it for over 50 volleys. I know we are total nerds, but we had to reach that goal before we could leave for the evening. Y'all know me and games.

So, now lets get to the shocker of the blog. So, Friday night I did something totally out of character. I am almost too ashamed to say it, and I cant believe I am going to put in writing for all y'all to read. Oh well, a girl has to live her life right? So, 7 of the ROAs and I went to the Houghton, MI Ramada Inn, and I decided to venture into normally avoided waters. I did the unspeakable act of...well here it goes...I witnessed...and participated in...KARAOKE! Thats right folks. Linsey not only went to it, but also sang in it! How crazy is that?! This wasnt just some backup track and a mic. Oh no, this was flashing colored light, a wireless mic (really only used by the local Karaoke stars, mine had a cord) and the TV screen with all the words. I told myself I wasnt going to sing, but of course I gave into the peer pressure surrounding me. I decided to start with something I have sung for years (not in a Karaoke setting), "Crazy" by Ms. Patsy Cline. It was so fun and brought back great memories...STETTES 94-95. All of my friends were so shocked and impressed by my country stylings. None of them really believed I wanted to a country singer when I was younger. Well, okay lets face it. I would still give up opera for a country career, even if it is only a month. Well, let me expand on that one. I would have to make millions in that month and then still earn royalties on that song until I died. I couldnt just sing in some seedy country bar with drunk hicks yelling at me all night for one month. A girl has to make one dream worth it to give up another. But I digress. So, then the Karaoke bug had stung and I had to sing another one. So, I picked a personal favorite of mine, "Grandpa" by The Judds. Thats right folks, Wynona and Naomi Judd of The Judds. It was so hilarious and great b/c I started singing and the locals all started dancing to the song. I loved it! HAHAHA. I have already decided my next song selection at our Karaoke night will be "Working 9 to 5" by Ms. Dolly Parton and by request from Ian (another ROA) "Walkin' After Midnight" by Ms. Patsy herself. At least now, if all else fails, I can feel good about myself b/c some man in Houghton, MI thinks I can "saaang real nice and have a real perdy voice."

Until later...

Myspace blog, June 7: So I never thought...

Y'all are not going to believe what I have been doing for the past week now...YOGA! That's right, Lindsey is actually doing Yoga! One of the girls here (our Queen of the Night) was able to have her husband come along and he teaches yoga. So, every night we get to do free yoga from a real instructor! I really enjoy the yoga. It is so relaxing and I can feel my muscles becoming more flexible and strong. I even went to the local Walmart and bought myself a yoga mat. I feel so official.
Other than yoga, life has been good, fun, and pretty easy. There are only 12 of us in the ROA program, so there is only so much one can do in a day. We don't ever have to sing chorus for other shows, so our days have been filled with getting ready for our scenes program this Friday. I am pumped to finally perform for people. We are going to Marquette, MI for our first show. I love my scenes. The L'Italiana in Algeri scene is so cute and I love singing me some Rossini, and the Rosenkavalier is so dramatically different. I love playing a boy who really gets the woman in the end. The music is amazing, and I can acutally see myself looking at Octavian in 10 years.
Our dorm is so great! It was just newly renovated so everything is new. I have my own room with my own bathroom and fridge. I am so thankful to have my own bathroom! I am not into group bathroom situations, and honestly, I think it keeps people from fighting more. We have a kitchen on our floor that is equiped with everything anyone could need, so I haven't had to spend money for eating out or eating nasty, suspicious food.
So, all in all, PMMF has been great so far. I've learned more about myself as an actress, sung new rep. that is challenging but not unattainable, and I have made some great friends. You know life is good when you get paid to laugh, play, sing, act, and enjoy yourself. Until later....

Myspace Blog, June 1: The wonderful UP of Michigan

Okay y'all, I am finally writing my first blog about my adventures in the Upper Penninsula of MI. I got here almost one week ago, and let me tell you, I thought I was going to die on the plane ride. Houghton, MI is where PMMF is located. Well, you have to take a propeller plane to get anywhere near this place. I have been on propeller planes before, however, this one was so small, there wasn't even a flight attendant, overhead bins, or two people to a row. It was literally 1 person on each of the sides. So, the scariest part was when the pilot, b/c there is no flight attendant, asked a woman from the back of the plane to move forward for weight distribution. I almost died! What do you mean the plane has to be leveled to take off and fly?! I swear my heart didn't stop beating a 100 beats per minute until we landed. I was pleasantly surprised that the flight was only 1 hr total b/c apparently the UP is on a different time zone than Milwakee, WI. Who knew?! I thought I was going to be trapped on that tin can for 2 hours! So, we land safely in one piece and I was off in my rental car for another 2 hours of driving.
I know what y'all are thinking, "how shitty to drive for 2 more hours!" Well, I loved it b/c I wasn't in a plane, and then I get to see the country side. Michigan is gorgeous! The weather is amazing. It is unseasonably warm, which means a high of 80, but to me it is perfection. I think we are going to have a cold front pretty soon, but I am ready for whatever weather comes my way. During my drive, I came to the realization that the UP is a great place for criminals to run to and never be found. There is really nothing here except trees and a few gas stations. The people are a little sketchy. I definitely stick out with my huge Jackie O. glasses and shoes that are never the normal black or brown.
I finally arrived in Houghton and it is a cute, gorgeous little place. We are right next to a lake and the facilities are perfect. I am very pleased with PMMF. There are seven of us who don't have a car, so they rented us one to share. How great is that?! I named the car totally fits her. We have been rehearsing and staging our scenes b/c we are presenting them next Friday. I love all the people in the program. The scenes are going well, and I have had a blast with my colleagues. I have had to force myself to go to bed and stop talking b/c we stay up and just gab and laugh about everything. Tomorrow is our first day off and I think we are going to the beach. I'll write more when I've got it. Bye, Yo!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Small problem...

Okay, so I really have only a few small problems at this moment. I am happy they are only small ones...I am dramatic, so small is good in my book. My life is happy, good marriage, good dog, good job. So, what are the problems? 1st...I have no freakin' idea about what to pack for MI. The weather there is like a high of 60 and sometimes a low of 30! Okay, I am in TX right now where the weather has already been in the 90's. I know I should just bring warm clothes, but it is summer. I was raised in TX. There are just certain shoes, pants, shirts, and socks that a girl is taught not to wear past Memorial Day. I know it is silly, but there is a part of me that just cringes at the thought of wearing cold weather clothes past this holiday. Plus, I know it will get warmer come July. So, I guess I have to pack two wardrobes for this gig. The biggest question right now is shoes. I love shoes. I have specific shoes that go with specific outfits and I don't like to change. I have to pack all the shoes I deam necessary, so how am I going to have enough room in my luggage for two necessary shoe wardrobes? I mean we are not just talking about rehearsal clothes/shoes. I have to bring evening wear for several functions, and again, b/c I am TX raised, repeating is really not an option if at all possible. Please Lord don't make me pay extra at the airport b/c my bags (that's right plural) are over 50 lbs. :)
Okay, problem numero due: Those of you who know me, know I am obsessed with my facial hair. I hate having a mustache or unplucked eyebrows. So, fine, I can always just pluck my eyebrows for eight weeks, but what about the stache?! I have been waxing my own stache since 8th grade! And, we aren't talkin' about microwaveable Sally Hansen crap. We are talking I have my own plug in wax warmer with the strips and after wax lotion. I can't bring it with me to MI! There is no way to travel on a plane w/o it going all over my stuff! My stache grows back something fierce after just 2 weeks. I think I am going to have to bleach it and then bite the bullet and pay someone money to wax it at least once while I am there. I know y'all think I am crazy, but a stache a woman is nicht so gut. I just hope someone in the Upper Peninsula of MI has even heard of facial waxing. I'm sure the women up there are more into biking, fishing, and hunting rather than facial waxing. I also won't have my car, so then I am at the mercy of a salon within walking distance or my fellow ROA's for a lift to rip off the stache.
So, I know my problems are small and meaningless, but what can I say, everything else is peachy. I have my music memorized, my plane ticket is bought, my rental car is reserved. What else could I think about besides clothes and waxing. Hopefully these are the only things I have to worry about for the next 2 days! :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Okay, so I think this sight is way harder to post blogs on, so I think I will be sticking to myspace. I may paste my blog from there on here, but really no one on here would read my blog. So, basically, y'all may have to go to myspace to read my thoughts.